Who are we?

Inspired by our founders, the visionaries Mr. Young and Mr. Hungry, we truly believe in the explosive power of ideas. Because the only way to be noticed today is to use simple, yet great, precise solutions. Strategically. Tactically. Sometimes even tactlessly! Advertising agency? No. We prefer – the creative shop. Mission is simple. To create the best, extend the boundaries of what is possible. For the client, the product and for us.

What can we offer?

Original ideas and solutions for communicating with the world efficiently. Striking advertising campaigns, graphic and motion design, interactive stuff for the web, video and 3D animation – nowadays it can be anything. And because every client and case is unique, we understand and apply the most appropriate communication directions and solutions for each situation.  

Why it is worth working with us?

Our ultimate trump card - the unwavering belief that it is possible (and necessary!) to find interesting, meaningful and effective solutions for any task. We will stay awake until we get that spark that signals the arrival of the right idea. And yes - we are not and will never be a factory. Therefore, we are able to offer not only the best results but also humane, personalised business relationships and customer service.


Get in touch!

We would like to know what you think about us. Or maybe you want to find out how can we help with your next project? Send us a message to info@yh.lv


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Tel.: +371 26446686
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