• Recharge yourself!

    Jurmala. How to attract people to a summer resort in the autumn?
  • Unity ride 2014

    It is known, that cycling creates energy. You will not believe how much!
  • Klasika

    Real ice cream. Real campaign. Real values.
  • SEB MTB Marathon 2014

    Already the third publicity campaign we have made for the most adrenaline and fighting spirit driven cycling marathon in Latvia.
  • Flying ads

    Print ads for study programmes of SSE Riga in AirBaltic's flight magazine: Baltic Outlook.
  • Unity ride 2013

    This year, we wanted to find out the answer to the most important question of all: how many of cyclists are there in Latvia?
  • Capitalia Micro Credit

    Entrepreneurs who are a little bit short of money for achieving their goals: how to attract their attention? Literally.
  • Tele2 Riga Cycling Marathon

    There is one day a year when cyclists take over Riga. They are... even up there! We had to climb up as well.
  • SEB MTB Marathon 2013

    Already the second publicity campaign we have made for the most adrenaline and fighting spirit driven cycling marathon in Latvia.
  • Baltcom internet

    A small campaign with a positive message for price-sensitive students.
  • Unity ride 2012

    There are so many different people who participate in this event that the only thing that unites them is this ride. This is a campaign is about that.
  • Pure syrup from Pure

    A true berry flavor makes life much brighter. Campaign for natural syrups.
  • SEB MTB Marathon 2012

    Campaign for the cycling marathon that is probably the richest with adrenaline and fighting spirit.
  • Amrop Top 500

    Ads for global executive recruitment network firm in Dienas Bizness newspaper edition "Business TOP500."
  • Trikata Snowballs

    Campaign for famous latvian cheesemaker Tikata pride – cheese "snowballs". There are million ways to use them in delicious dishes!
  • Domina Christmas

    At the end of year we came up with the gratifying revelation: It is not Santa Claus who people are waiting for!
  • Don’t stand aside. Help.

    Posters in schools, that ask you to not stand aside if someone's got sick at a party and inform you what to do.
  • Domina Midsummer

    Small campaign where we showed that for the Ligo (Latvian name for Midsummer) celebration anything can be found in Domina, including mystical Midsummer flower!
  • Domina Summer

    If you have prepared well, nothing will spoil summer for you. This was the subject of the season's campaign.
  • Jobs & Society

    Visual ideas for inaugural event of support center for young entrepreneurs.
  • Pigman's waste sorting revolution

    We believe that by sorting waste, the world can be changed for the better! That is why we helped Pigman to come up with a performance that would have even been approved by Che himself!
  • Bazaar

    New look at Bazars, a traditional turbo sales campaign in Domina. This time – till the very last item!
  • Help to help!

    Call to support charity movement that provides children with educational tools and computers.
  • Midsummer

    Just before the Latvian midsummer festival, Latvijas Balzams called celebrators to secure supplies to avoid the worst case scenario - that is too short!
  • Q&A

    The introduction of digital television was a concern for many. We created a campaign that helped to clear doubts with humour.
  • Dia:logs

    Social campaign of the introduction of Braille in urban environment.