• Mapeirons

    Logo design for a social app, that lists places and objects in the city, that can be easily accessed by wheelchairs and prams.

    Logo redesign and visual materials for an experimental Latvian fashion brand.
  • Hide&Seek

    Name, logo, visual materials and simple homepage for new and promising HR company.
  • HUGU the Little One. Diaper.

    Our task – to create a packaging for little brother of HUGU!
  • 1:1

    Name and identity for a sports betting brand created in Latvia. Without doubt – everyone can win!
  • LEAN 2.0

    An instruction manual for the use of Statoil employees at stations throughout Europe.
  • eu2015

    Logo for a very serious national competition which we took part in.
  • Senotaji

    Poster for a latvian film debuting in genre of psychedelic comedy. At the same time our debut in cinema poster genre. All in all – an unforgettable experience and impressions.
  • Red Bull Twitch'n'Ride

    Logo and visual materials for an event with an unbelievable combination – skis together with motorcycles!
  • Keep it simple calendar

    Yeah! Keep it simple! Worry about essentials, not about unnecessary details. 'Do not complicate' is our motto of 2013, and manifested itself as present to our friends.
  • Smallest yearbook in the world

    We were proud to create the smallest yearbook in the world for the SSE Riga MBA graduate reunion. It also serves as business catalogue with each page torn out in case of necessity.
  • Hercogiste

    Hercogiste is a company that develops real estate projects connected with an ecological lifestyle. We tried to place this living space in its logotype.
  • Red Bull DIY

    Logotype and poster for well known skater's Madars Apse initiative – working together to build a skate ramp.
  • HelloVello

    Logo for small creative collective that decorates bicycles using different accessories.
  • Red Bull Tru Fix

    Logo and visual materials for Made in Latvia Redbull event - fixed gear bike competition in Kronvalda parks.
  • Aikagarso

    Rimi has a chef who cooks and encourages everyone to eat healthier. We created a very healthy name and low calorie logo for him.
  • Festivity air

    If one feels suppressed by normality, there is always the possibility to inhale a sip of festivity from our jar. Air that is filled during Christmas.
  • Moment Tallinn

    By conquering Tallinn this Latvian fashion event became international. The visual identity for this year – synergy between fashion and art.
  • HUGU

    A small teddy bear created in Latvia with the ability to record and store feelings. We created the name, visual identity and packaging for it.
  • Cycle for tolerance

    This poster for the charity bike ride was probably the most politically correct achievement we've ever done.
  • Carborne

    Logo for Latvian-made roof rack. It appears that the “C” means - “put cargo on roof”.
  • Soul Gel

    On New Year's Eve our friends received the most anti-banal gift possible: shower gel like honey, for energy and strength!
  • TVT

    Ladies and gentlemen at the blue screens! Visual identity for the low-cost TV and Internet operator.
  • Moment 2010

    Is it possible to create an identity for a fashion event without the use of models, dresses or mannequins ? We got the answer to this question.
  • The charity concert in Spikeri

    A visual symbol of how classical music did a good job at the Christmas charity concert. Symbiosis!
  • Watercircle

    We saw the Riga Canal Boat route as a journey through a completely different, fairytale-like Riga. And we created such a name and visual identity for it.
  • Map of Riga for disabled

    Illustration for the society of disabled people newspaper article about accessibility, where Riga looks different to how most people see it.
  • After celebration greeting

    Why not send a greeting card after the festivities? We did so and sent greetings to our friends and encouraged them not to break their New Year's resolutions.